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Princess Royal
Hospital Radio

Chairman’s Message

This is a very exciting time for Mid Downs Radio. The new health service structures and emphasis on a more preventative approach to health and social care mean we are moving to adapt to a different audience profile where patients have shorter stays in hospital with more treatment and care in the community.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our current and previous Committees, we have been able to put a number of initiatives in place and I and our present Committee look forward to enabling MDR to develop these further.

In 2013 we started streaming live on the internet through our Listen Live button on the website- this has extended our audience well beyond the Princess Royal Hospital complex in Haywards Heath, West Sussex where our newly upgraded studios are based.

Recently we have been researching broadcasting into other types of health locations such as GP surgeries and have launched a trial in Silverdale Surgery in Burgess Hill which we plan to extend out into other locations. Our programming includes not only a wide variety of music, interviews and entertainment but also a range of information on health, social care, wellbeing, public health and community issues which are of benefit to the community in general. We offer not only a platform for communication but also the facility for organisations and other charities to pre-record free promotional and informative ‘fillers’ to be played regularly on as well as reciprocal Links between our respective websites.

The station is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers and is wholly dependent on fundraising activities, grants, and donations from different sources such as the National Lottery, the local Town Councils in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath and other generous organisations.  One of our main sources of income is our professionally equipped Outside Events Unit which is hired out for a multitude of local events – we provide the PA system, speakers and full technical support as well as fully trained DJs /presenters.  Hospital Radio has been the starting point for many professional DJs and we provide full in-house training for inexperienced presenters in the studio and with the OEU.  

To maintain our progress we need a regular intake of new members to undertake various roles including presenting, production, request collecting, fund raising and technical support.

If you are interested in joining us during this eventful and challenging time please e mail Lynda White on membership@mdr.org.uk

Finally if you would like to find out more about MDR and our 39 year history click on the History Link above or e mail me chairman@mdr.org.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

    Sol Mead


Registered Charity No: 279077 Listen Live